Monday , March 8 2021

Prince Charles is the original duke, the Queen says in a UK birthday dinner

The Queen has revered Prince Charles on his 70th birthday, calling him "the original Dukedom" and the heir to the throne, which is comparable to any history.

At the Buckinghouse Castle, the 92-year-old monarch brought the toast to his son and heir to his family, friends and owners of European authors.

"It's a privilege that any mother on the 70th birthday will be able to offer a toast to her son," she said. "This means that you have lived long enough to see your child grow up.

"It's rather – to use the analogy that I'm sure you will find good – planting a tree and be able to watch how it grows.

"My mother saw me turning 70, of course. And she heard that it's seen that 70 is exactly the age when your candle cake eventually exceeds the breath from which you blow it.

"For more than 70 years, Philip and I have seen that Charles has become a world of preservation and art, an excellent charity leader – a special and honorable heir to the throne, which, in comparison with any history, and a wonderful father.

"The most important thing that was protected by his wife Camilla, he is his own man, passionate and creative. So this toast was intended to rejoice at the birthday of my son, in any case, it is the original dukedom." "You, Charles, Prince of Wales."

Earlier, Theresa May gained Princess's trust in praising his "total" commitment to public services.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the womb's heir had spent his life, "giving up expectations and refusing to categorize".

Describing the role of his father, she said: "No matter what your experience or resources, parenting is never an easy task. It's become harder if they have a devastating loss at an early age.

The Welsh Princess has a birthday present with the Duchess of Cornwall

The Prince of Wales is a birthday present when he and the Duchess of Cornwall arrive in the tea Spencer House in London. Photographer: Steve Parsons / PA

"So, today, when Prince William and Prince Harry are doing their best in the world and starting to create their own families, I know that I talk about us all when I say that they truly show their father."

Jeremy Corbin, known for his republican views, also welcomed Charles's commitment to public services and charity and his passion for excellence. He joked: "It might seem like a surprise to me that in His Royal Highness and I have something in common: we both seem to be late in career progress, although he has an eternally prepared role."

Corbyn added that the Prince has shown "a consistent commitment to our often ignored natural world," adding, "The principle that the royal family remains above the policy is essential.

"But Prince Charles, as an ambassador to the country, is serious about the scientific reality of climate destruction. I wonder if there is a planet inhabitant who could possibly get this message to the President of the United States [Donald Trump] – it might be Prince Charles to do this. "

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