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Here is everything we know about the latest part of the franchise

On Monday, Disney Pixar released a new teaser trailer for the forthcoming fourth film toy Story which will take place on 21 June 2019. Teaser does not provide much information about the latest movie series, but introduces a new character – plastic spork with a pipe cleaning gun. So, not just a new toy, but a new face.

If you do not remember the last franchise movie, Toy Story 3Ended with Andy's growth and going to college and eventually decide to put his beloved toy neighbor. So, supposedly Toy Story 4 will find the famous toys and their new friend who lives with the new owner.

Although the newly created teaser does not give us much to do Toy Story 4 in fact, there might be, here's all we know about the movie so far.

Toy Story 4 was approved in 2014

After months rumors what's new toy Story the movie was at work Disney finally Confirmed a new project in 2014, as well as reports that Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will return as Woody and Buzz Lightyear. At that point, Disney's chief executive, Bob Iger, said Pixar co-founder John Lasseter would be in directing, and Rashida Jones and Will McCormack signed the film.

"We love these characters so much, they are like our family," Lasseter said in a statement at that time. "We do not want to do anything with them, unless it does or does not go beyond what was past. Toy Story 3 Woody and Buzz's story with Andy so well that for a long time we have never talked about doing another toy Story movie But when Andrew, Pete, Lee and I came up with this new idea, I simply could not stop thinking about it. I was so fascinated that I knew that we had to make this film – and I wanted to manage it myself. "

In 2015, Pixar President Jim Morris said in an interview that Toy Story 4 in accordance with E! news. "This is not a continuation of the story of Toy Story 3, "Morris said at that time." Temporarily, but it will be a story of love. It will be a romantic comedy. It will not pay much attention to the interaction between characters and children. I think it will be a very good movie. "Lasseter said in the same year CNBC that the forthcoming fourth toy Story The film would be a "love story" for Woody and his love interest in Bo Peep.

Production shaking

July 2017 the news broke that Lasseter resigned, and former assistant Josh Cooley will take over as director Toy Story 4. And then in November 2017 Hollywood reporter publishing a statement about allegations of harassment against Lasseter, including allegations that he often kissed and touched the women he was working with without their consent. The report also contained details that Rashida Jones and Will McCormack left Toy Story 4 "Agri" is reported as Lasseter had made an unwanted advance.

But in a statement to New York Times, Joness and McCormack denied that this was the reason why they left the project. "We did not leave Pixar because of unwanted advances," they wrote. "It's not true. We were separated by creative and, more importantly, philosophical differences … Pixar has so many talents and we are still huge fans of their films. However, it is also a culture in which women and colorful people do not have the same creative voices. "

John Lasseter arrives at the World Premiere
John Lasseter arrives at the World Premiere of Toy Story 3 in Los Angeles, El Capitan Theater, on June 13, 2010. Katy Winn / AP

They added that they jointly "urged Pixar to become a leader in diversifying and supporting women's storytellers and leaders, recruiting and promoting them. We hope that we can encourage everyone who has felt like their voices have never heard before to have authority." Likewise, in November, as well as a report on his alleged behavior, Lasseter announced a six-month celebrations and then, in June, said he will not return to Disney

Be ready to cry

So far it seems Toy Story 4 Most likely, there will be another Pixar asaris-jerker. HuffPost In November, Tim Associates and Tom Hanks said that the fourth movie was incredibly emotional in the last minute. Alain stated that he "could not even get to the last point", and Hanks had said that his last day was recording his return to the creative team because "I did not want to see them, and I wanted to pretend they did not see me."

Review summary of the new teaser trailer Youtube On Monday, he offered more detailed information on the plot. "Woody has always been convinced of his place in the world and his priority is to take care of his child, whether it's Andy or Bonnie," said. "But when Bonnie adds a new toy named" Fork "to her room, a traveling adventure with old and new friends will show Woody how much can be a toy."

With all accounts it seems that it is the youngest toy Story will be part romance, part of the adventure, part of everyone crying in the theater.

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