Wednesday , December 1 2021

Free TV streaming platform with 100 channels launched in South Africa


TV2GO, a free streaming TV platform with "over 100 channels", has been officially launched in South Africa.

TV2GO platform – available at – Infinivy SA and Cast-TV were first punished for Southern Africans October.

TechCentral has now reported that the platform officially resides in the country and is supported by Infinivy SA and Cast-TV. Jomo Sono became the current president of Infinivy SA.

"TV2GO offers an extraordinary user experience to watch your favorite applications anywhere, anytime, and on any device," said release.

"The content of TV2GO includes films, documentaries, fashion, martial arts, games and children's channels that can be viewed on the SPI channel network."

The platform also includes radio channels and music.

If MyBroadband is tested, the platform groups the channels into categories, but the tiles represent channel names. Then the player window appears in the upper right corner and may appear in full screen mode.

Some channels were also tracked through YouTube watermarks.

Additionally, if an ad blocker is installed for users, the following message is displayed and access to that page is prevented.

Hmm … it looks like you have not removed your AdBlock. To use full free access, please remove your AdBlock from this site. Then refresh this page or press F5

The screenshot below shows the platform interface.


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