Tuesday , October 4 2022

Ethiopia: Police begin to run code-3 taxi service providers


Police have begun quoting Code-3 vehicles offering taxi services since the last week. The measure is soon after the decision of the City Transport Authority to ban the use of Code-3 vehicles for public transport.

"Several code-3 vehicles are subject to political custody without real evidence," said Samrawit Fikru, co-founder and executive director of the Ride Taxi Hybrid Design, which operates with 900 code-3 vehicles.

The city administration took a measure stating that taxi companies operate public transport without adequate licenses. The police have since started using code-3 cars with a tire sticker and detention.

"My car was taken by the police and I had to pay 300 Br the next day," said one of the taxi drivers Naod Dechas.

The authorities also accuse the Ride taxi company of pricing and destination fixing.

"The use of public transport is our authority's mandate," Dawit said in Fortune. "Engaging in such activities is illegal."

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