Tuesday , February 7 2023

"Appai must be managed by Ayew brothers" Ghana's return "


Exclusive: Veteran trainer wants Kwesi Appiah to make good use of the duet who returns to her clothes since September 2017.

Ozol coach JE Sarpongs has acknowledged his enthusiasm for news of Andrews and Jordan Ajev returning to the Black Stars team, but wants team coach Kwesi Appiah for the 2019 African Cup to play Ethiopian Nations Qualifications on November 18th.

The brothers had been marginalized since September last year after they allegedly attracted sickness and injuries to launch a game against Congo Brazzaville.

As long as Ghana fights in the campaign, Sarpongs thinks this is the perfect time for the couple to return.

"I'm glad they're coming back, but Kwesi Appiah is able to manage their return very well to get the best out of them," he said. Goal.

"I believe that Appijs has made good choices to ignore them initially, because what they did with him, refusing to play the game against Congo, was awful. The differences are now resolved, so the brothers need to take the lead from the coach to get results against Ethiopia. . "

"We can not release them and return, it's very likely that we will win Ethiopia in Addis Ababa, and then finish Kenya in the final match to take part in the tournament," added Sarpongs.

Ghana ranked third in F-group with three points, four Kenyan leaders and one behind Ethiopia.

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