Tuesday , September 28 2021

We will not be able to cancel the sponsor and the country is among the citizen, even if he misses

Immigration Minister: We will not be able to cancel the sponsor. The country is in the middle of a citizen, even if it is wrong

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Immigration Minister Nabil Makram said that Egypt will not be able to cancel the sponsorship system that workers apply to several Arab countries. "They are Kingdom systems that we can not cancel."

"We need to make sure that the ratification of labor contracts is guaranteed by labor offices because it found a white treaty, which does not mention hours of work, leave and no rights," said the minister at a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament.

"The rights and obligations must be clear. When traveling, I respect the laws and working hours and respect the same sponsor. You expect to earn a living if you have a misunderstanding. You have the right to go to the embassy and there is no need to go to the media."

"The sponsor is there and we are pleased with him as a worker, but I have to have tools that understand my rights, responsibilities and the culture of each country," she said.

Makhram stressed that Egyptians are negatively represented in embassies and consulates abroad and that they do not help or do not provide services.

For his part, MP Anisa Hassouna said: "Mavish Basket Blanche, that Egypt does not allow or exceeds the law".

McMarram commented: "The state with all institutions in the citizen's month, even if he made a mistake … we offer the hours as an excuse and reason, but there are needs, we can not intervene, there was an error, and the authorities and courts involved in this matter, and the public should know that the state should use everything. "

"We are a citizen, but we ask him to comply with his adopted labor laws and laws in the country in which he is working," she said.

Macram confirmed that the ministry has moved on to many issues affecting Egyptians abroad and played a major role in events that shook public opinion, such as Egyptian children who were involved in Sudan's high school fraud.

She pointed to the threat of using the social networking site and video distribution that could weaken the position of the Egyptians facing the crisis abroad and engage in the new problem and accusations of defamation.

"We should not believe in everything that is being said," she said, "We need to be careful about publishing videos to keep our relationships with other countries in order not to get people involved with the new problem."

The Immigration Minister called on Members to work to raise awareness of the importance of participating in parliamentary elections and called for participation in foreign visits abroad.

"I would recommend you to parliamentary elections, the Egyptians do not know their constituencies, candidates or anything else abroad, and this requires MEPs' efforts and understanding, and he is ready to take part in awareness-raising activities, allowing the Egyptians abroad to understand the significance of the parliamentary elections.

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