Sunday , February 5 2023

Veterinary New Valley warns against livestock immunization and free counting of perpetrators


The Veterinary Directorate Wadi El-Gati warned of the threat that farmers and livestock farmers did not meet the level of rural centers by improving the stockpiles with sovereign vaccines provided by the General Veterinary Services at low prices for immunization against winter diseases, in particular foot-and-mouth disease, Sheep, in addition to herd measures.

The Director-General for Veterinary Medicine, Dr Abdelhamid Saber, stated in a statement on the seventh day that the seriousness of immunization deficiencies threatens farmed animals and the spread of these diseases.

The Veterinary Medicine Directorate has taken measures to prevent the spread of foot and mouth disease in the rural municipality throughout the whole year, and supports all efforts to successfully implement immunization caravans. Vaccine serum foot-and-mouth disease, Rift Valley fever 13.5 and text and serum dermatitis approximately 8.5.

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