Tuesday , February 7 2023

Tram stop from Alexandria


Alexandria trams resign from the Egyptian Charter. We announce the exit of the Alexandria tram from the bars, we leave the tram from Alexandria bars, we will send you our visitors. New News Today, with our charter, we will start with the most important news of the tram exit from Alexandria.

Harvard tram trams caused a panic after the collapse of the sports ground, causing more than 45 minutes of movement for the disabled.

Khalid Aliwa, General Director of Alexandria Transport and Passenger Services, said that one man opened the "Scissors" of the tram line at the Sports Station, which led to the tramway crossing and the exit of the vehicle from the rails.

He added that Aliwa's press reports indicate that the security forces could arrest him after the incident, indicating that he is working to lift the trolley back to the track to restart the traffic on the line to the station Sidi Gaber, after the exit the basket has been switched off and completely disabled

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Source: Egyptians

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