Tuesday , February 7 2023

Tomorrow .. Last date to update the dosage card details and add births


Dr. Amr Madkour, Advisor to the Minister of Supply and Information Systems, citizens of recipients of donations with faulty owners, to correct these errors and update the datasheets on the Egyptian Support Department's website http: //www.tamwin.com.eg, explaining the update deadline, as well as the addition of new cardholders to new card holders who are missing the supplemental period tomorrow, on Wednesday, November 7th.

Amr Madkour's special statement confirmed that the cards will be canceled in error for a specified period of time and will not be corrected by the owners and if any of these cards will be canceled after that date and the complaint the holder will ask to issue a new bogie card in accordance with procedures and rules , as well as issuing payment cards. And the site is available to enter it, and if your card is not on this site, you know that it is safe.

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