Tuesday , February 7 2023

Today is the deadline for those who want to train petroleum services


The ministry of human resources will accept applications for a session of the male and female coach party from all over the world oil company republics on quasits related to petroleum service activities ranging from oil exploration, drilling wells and even oil or gas production from wells to Thursday.

The number of applicants in recent days is more than 500 who want to submit their papers in writing to the ministry as well as applicants through the website of the provincial ministry.

Manpower Minister Mohamed Saffan said that the training was free for four months and the trainee's financial reward for £ 1,300 per month throughout the training period, in addition to a £ 1,000 livelihood allowance for aliens outside the province of Cairo.

He pointed out that the applicant must complete the technical schools and technical and industrial institutes and the workers' industrial system "3 and 5 years" in the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 parties with knowledge of English and for a maximum of 30 years age from the date of submission, as well as full-time training.

He explained that Saffan is that for the first time to provide relief to anyone who wants and relieves the burden and travel expenses from the ministry of their place of residence, they must submit documents for those who wish to attend training through the ministry's website using the following link : http://www.manpower.gov.eg/ter_petrol. html

Or apply manually by adding a CV that is not more than one page in the Manpower ministry, by address, date of birth, telephone, experience, academic qualifications, national identity cards, and recruitment or public service positions. Nasr City – from 9:00 to 14:00, until Thursday, and will not accept any applications that do not meet the requirements.

The training program will be conducted at Schlumberger training centers and workplaces, and all trainees will be insured due to death, total or partial disability or injury. The pastor will be awarded a certified certificate from the Ministry and the company, a certificate of skill level measurement and a license to practice the profession.

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