Friday , February 26 2021

The reasons for the correction on behalf of Morsi with Zamalek

The source of the Zamalek Club has revealed the causes of the crisis on behalf of Mursi – the first attacker of Zamalek Club, who approached the contract with his club Larissa.

The source confirmed there are several reasons: first, the player Zamaleks has not announced his crisis with his Greek club and he could not travel to join Larissa, and he did not use the club's officials to solve his fate with Zamalek, either to return to Zamalek or leave him .

In recent hours, sources have confirmed Bassem Morsi's breakthrough to a white team and will be announced in the coming hours.

Basemes Morsi has started to cancel his contract with his Greek club and the officials of the Greek clubs have come across a mutual agreement to conclude a contract and to receive debt in Larissa. The player agreed with the Greek club officials by mutual consent to terminate the contract. International card in the next few days with late payment.

Zamalek lent the player the Larissa Greek season before he saw his last trip to Greece, because he could not get permission to travel abroad, forcing him to request the termination of the contract.

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