Saturday , April 1 2023

The film "Devilish" scenes


The film Ward Sammoum, which will be featured on Wednesday, November 28, reveals movie scenes that featured a Facebook page's official scene on scenes that revealed difficulty filming.

The artist, Mahmoud Hamida, commented on a scene similar to the scene in the mire, and he explained that he had become familiar with this place through this past personal experience, but one day he did not suggest coming in and seeing him.

Hamida added that the site is characterized by the stiffness of the streets and the coincidence, commenting: "The corridors have watercourses", indicating that these watercourses are seminars, factories and tannery remnants.

But film director Ahmed Fawzi Salehs, who was moving in the streets of the region with car "Caro", carrying the equipment and crew when the vehicle moved to the main street Street Mia, the part of the water that flooded his storey, it was also difficult for photographers to transport their equipment because they moved from one tanner to the other to shoot every machine with their details.

The film was written and directed by Ahmed Fawzi Saleh, with Mahmoud Hamid, Safa Al-Toukhi, Ibrahim Al-Najari, Mohammed Bureka and Cookie.

The story of the film is taken from the novel by Ahmed Zaghloul al-Shaiti on Ibrahim al-Najari who wants to escape from the area of ​​Al-Madabbah where he lives and works in Egypt, but his sister's greeting "Trees" wants to prevent him from traveling at any cost to ruin romantic the relationship between their brother and student. In medicine, when she tries to bother future plans for a flood to flee to Italy, between dried skins and tired mules, Mahmoud Hamida quietly watches the stage from his throne and helps congratulate a mysterious solution to recover his brother.

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