Friday , June 9 2023

The fate of racism falls … Celebrations and Zgharid tweet about the defeat of Safaa Al-Hashem


The festivities and ridicule dominated the social network “Twitter” after the defeat of Kuwaiti representative Safaa Al-Hashem in the National Assembly elections.

Safaa Al-Hashem was famous for his racism and hatred of emigrants in Kuwait, especially the Egyptians, who made him fall in the National Assembly elections as a cause for celebration to get rid of the devastating role that does not mean representing the Kuwaiti people.

One of Saudi Arabia’s tweeters congratulated the Egyptians in particular on the defeat of Safaa Al-Hashem, saying, “We bless our Egyptian brothers for the fall of Safaa Al-Hashem.”

While another recorded a picture of “Woman in a Thriller” on Twitter, rejoicing at the defeat of Safaa Al-Hashem in the Kuwaiti National Assembly elections.

While some Twitter pioneers shared an old dancer video expressing joy at Safaa Al-Hashem’s fall.

Kuwaiti Twitter commented on the fall of Al-Hashem and Nader Al-Mansour, which followed her example, saying: “The fate of racism is failure and fall, Safaa Al-Hashem and Nader Al-Mansour. It is your fate, the separation of the Arab peoples and disagreement with Kuwait and the State of Egypt. “

While another mocked the small number of votes Safaa Al-Hashem won in the National Assembly elections, he said, “490 votes for Safaa Al-Hashem,” followed by a “laughing emoticon.”

Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas reported that according to preliminary figures for the 2020 National Assembly elections, the Council had 50 members, in particular Marzouq Al-Ghanim, the current chairman of the council, while preliminary indications revealed the loss of Safaa Al-Hashem, who ranked 30th. among the candidates in the third constituency, receiving a painful defeat. And huge.

It should be noted that the Kuwaiti National Assembly’s electoral system stipulates that the country is divided into 5 constituencies, each representing 10 representatives, to form a Council of 50 representatives.

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