Wednesday , September 22 2021

Special – talks with a foreign actress about the movie "The Baghdad Thief" .. and start shooting at this time

Special – Talking to a foreign actress about the movie "The Baghdad Thief" .. And start filming this time about the theoretical news that we publish to you private king – Talk with a foreign actress about the movie "The Rich Thief" .. And start filming at this time, "Baghdad Thief "and let's start filming at this time, we will be publishing new news for our visitors today through our news site, and we will start with the main news, in particular, talks with a foreign actress about the movie" The Rich Thief ".. And start shooting at this time.

Mohammed Adel Imam is about to shoot his scenes in the movie "The Baghdad Thief", played by Yasmine Nasir.

After Mohamed Adel Imam discovered that the actor Yasmine will be the protagonist of his new film, he returned again to make sure that another actress in Egypt will be there for the first time. has learned that the film's producer is currently consulting a foreign actress who will be a surprise to the public and, in principle, agreed to hire work, and will be announced this week. If it is successful, the agreement will see her first job in Egypt.

We also learned that Mohammed Adel Imam and Yasmin are planning to start filming their first scenes next week.

Actor Yasmin Nasir expressed his pleasure in participating in Mohammed Imam's Baghdad Thief film and thanked him for welcoming and collaborating together and congratulating him on this film.

– Yasmin raeis (@yasminraeis)

The movie "The Baghdad Thief", led by Ahmed Khaled Musa, continues to prepare for the filming, leading Mohammed Adel Imam, Yasmin president Mohamed Abdel Rahman, and Fathi Abdel Wahab, and the rest of the job.

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