Saturday , June 10 2023

Solidarity begins to choose the best productive family to take part in Princess Sabeck's contest


At the level of the Solidarity Directorate, the Ministry of Social Solidarity has started to choose the most productive and best-performing family to participate in the Arabic Award sponsored by Princess Sabetka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa 2018/2019. during the year in Bahrain.

The ministry has previously announced the launch of progress on its website Or through a competent administration. Applicants must fill in the application form provided that the financial compensation of the project is part of the family's main income and that the members of the family have the skills that they have developed and that the project significantly changes the family's standard of living.

For the best product awards, the product must be designed and manufactured for productive families, capable of internal and external marketing, and must be characterized by creativity, development, quality and originality, and from the beginning of the project there should be indications of product development.

The purpose of the competition is to promote the involvement of low-income families in small-scale projects, to promote talent and develop skills, to promote their activities and to economically promote the role of the individual in society, and to provide families with the opportunity to seek additional resources to improve their economic situation and open up a new perspective to spread and gain profits

It also aims to combine visions and exchange experiences of productive Arab families and to identify different methods that can improve the productive capacity of productive families and stimulate financial and economic institutions to support productive family projects and encourage productive families to develop their products and promote Arab productive society, Rewarding communication between Arab countries and identifying the activities of produced families.

Amani Ghoneim, head of the Central Development Office, said that competition between developed families that is in tune with competition would already be different: their products should be described as traditional products from the Egyptian environment of Arsoua wood raw materials derived from environmental materials Kena, Alabastre, Khiamia The family chooses the best family and the best product.

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