Thursday , March 4 2021

Smart tricks to overcome insomnia and sleep well

Follow these tricks to overcome insomnia and sleep easily:

Use perfume:

You can sleep quickly and enjoy it with a smell and inhale them before bed. It helps to relax quickly, such as jasmine or lavender smell, which plays an effective role in treating chronic insomnia, often before eating before eating.

Breathing exercises:

Before bed, sleep by breathing, then stop 15 seconds before removing it. It will help you to relax and sleep.

Looking for:

Look up at bedtime without closing your eyes and you will find yourself tired and unable to resist sleep and sleep quickly and you can use a black-eyed bar that helps sleep too.

Roll your eyes:

Close your eyes and push the glasses three times, as it imitates what happens when you lie down. This process helps to release the sleep hormone.

Do not use stimulants at bedtime:

Avoid stimulants such as caffeine at bedtime for about six hours while you can use hot natural herbs to help calm down and relax, such as chamomile, lemon, hot milk, peppermint, ginger and others.


Exercise can help you organize your sleep, so you can devote part of your day to some kind of physical activity, even at home. First of all, it can be annoying because you are tired at first, but its positive effects will appear in a short time.

Imagine standing in one foot:

All you have to do is climb your bed and take a dormant position and imagine that you are standing in one leg and you will find that your subconscious mind does not think at that time except your one foot, which helps you to forget your problems, causing your insomnia and sleep fast.

Avoid noise as much as possible:

Try to refrain from annoying sounds that increase tension, such as persistent or other sounds that reduce your comfort level, and therefore you can not sleep. If you can not get away from them, you can use a comfortable headset.

Listen to a quiet voice:

Listen to the sea wave or wind or bird sound from the internet and other sounds that will help you relax and relax to easily get into your sleep.

Change the color of the room:

The color of the room has a great influence on the neurological state of the individual, where studies have shown that the blue color of the room walls and pallets helps to get into deep sleep so that they can relax in the muscles before bedding.

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