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Set up 29,000 loaves of bread before selling them on the black Sharqia market


Fatima Ali

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Thursday, 8 November 2018, at noon. 16.49
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Thursday, 8 November 2018, at noon. 16.49

Fjizsa Abdul Rahman, Deputy Governor of Sharkia Provincial Provincial Supply and Commerce Department, said the major logistics industry led by Yusri Kamal launched a major campaign in Zagazig and Abu Hammad city markets to test catering businesses and local bakeries.

Thursday announced Thursday that a sub-branch of the ministry's campaign ministry published an ASF violations protocol for the operation and operation of the bread baker Afrangi to manage the baker's without permission from the competent authority, "Delivery Merchant Mansheya" in Abu Hammad on 142 kg of sugar and 161 bottles with 800 ml of oil.

In addition, RO was used in the Abu Hammad supermarket for 95 kg of sugar and 63 bottles of mixed oil, while the owner of the bread and the driver of the car 395 "RB" To collect 2000 cars for resale on the black market and not to sell through the bread path.

A copy of the breach of the fully automated bakery director's AAR for operating the bread maker before the official dates, as well as the collection of 25,000 loaves of loaves in two cars to sell on the black market and profit and produce breads less than 20 grams by weight, "FWM" was created by my bakery manager for breaching the operating instructions and bread production less than 15 grams, and SAH and HAF, each one of whom is my boss, in violation of the instructions for use and producing bread Minus 20 grams and my bakery manager HAA to collect 2000 corn for sale on the trolley on the black market.

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