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Seizure of 14 t food items damaged by Bir Sulm in Shubra Al-Hammamet


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Chap, on Thursday, 8 November 2018, on 8 November 2008, seizing 14 tons of damaged food inside the Bir Sulm factory in Shubra al-Hamimaha, citing the location of the delegation.

Seizure of 14 t food items damaged by Bir Sulm in Shubra Al-HammametUnwrought food items

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Shtur Al-Khaymah plant seized 14 tons of food items. Confiscations were confiscated and the prosecution took over the investigation.
Director of Qaloubia Security received a statement from the Chief of Supply Chief, stating that the plant manager was arrested

For the production and packaging of foodstuffs in Shubra Al-Kheima, Second Police Department, for the production of various foods using unknown raw materials and counterfeit marks.

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(13) containers (13,792) thousands of "finished product" packaging (14) tons of "sugar – starch – flour – flavoring – industrial dyes"; (9) packing machine;

The necessary legal measures were taken and the prosecution took over.

We thank the Al Manar News Portal for visitors and visitors for their trust and presence. We also promise to provide you with all the latest and most important news from all trusted news sources. 14 tons of spoiled food items were shipped to the Bir Al-Salm plant in Shubra Al-Hamimah.
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