Monday , March 8 2021

On the black market, the director of the gas station sold 303 thousand liters of diesel and diesel fuel

The Directorate-General for Supply and Commerce Police, in cooperation with the Directorate for Supply Investigation of the Security Directorate, has launched a number of large-scale shopping campaigns to control commercial fraud, in particular food products that are unsuitable for human consumption.

The campaign succeeded in controlling the car supply station at the police headquarters in the Qaha Department of Qaliubiya to collect and seize a large amount of oil products, "303,674,000 liters of Solar-Benzine 92, 80", in preparation for black market sales on his personal account and making illegal profits.

As part of the security services' efforts to pursue cooperative campaigns to tighten control and control of the market and the store, inventories of products and licensed materials, as well as striving to control markets and combat commercial crime.

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