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Of which 78% are pregnant. 6. Sleep deprivation causes during pregnancy nine months


Inducing sleeping disorder during the nine months of pregnancy:

1 – back pain: ligaments and weak muscles influenced by weight gain during pregnancy, causing back pain and uterine enlargement during pregnancy, weakening of the abdominal muscles and pushing the spine forward, increasing pressure on the lower back muscles, and limiting back pain from sleep

2 – Acidity: Progesterone causes a low esophageal sphincter dislocation that causes stomach acid up, as well as increases the size of the uterus during pregnancy, pushes the stomach, causing the release of acid from the stomach to the esophagus, called the esophagus.
GERD occurs especially during the third trimester, and your recovery is severely disturbed by sleep.

3-leg cramps: due to nervous blood pressure and muscle pressure there is a so-called syndrome, restless legs, they are common during the first third and third months of pregnancy.
With frequent movement of the limbs, leg cramps occur during sleep that cause sleep disturbances and insomnia.

4 – Lack of breath: increased pressure on the diaphragm under the lungs, difficulty breathing during sleep.

5. Cutting: During the pregnancy, nasal holes are seated, which increases the number of snoring that affects breathing during sleep, causing it to wake up several times and causing insomnia.

6 – Concerns: Frequent anxiety and thinking about baby and birth and changes in lifestyle can give you sleepless nights.

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