Wednesday , August 17 2022

Iraq is waiting to assess Iran's lack of oil supplies before the OPEC meeting


Iraqi oil minister Thamer Ghadhban said on Tuesday that oil shortages caused by sanctions
The new US on Iran has not yet been measured before the planned OPEC meeting
Next month

He said
Iraq wants to know "the actual fall" before Baghdad and other members decide
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries How to handle the decline in Iranian shipments.

He reported
As reported by Reuters in its first interview since the takeover of the oil portfolio last month:
"I want to wait to see the actual decline for Iranian exports, and whether it is
OPEC producers and other countries will also be reimbursed for expenses. "

"He went on
"How will the demand for Iraqi oil increase in the current market? If not
There is a demand, so how can I say that we will create? "

He did not do this
Reduces the oil price he will expect in 2019 but says it is above $ 70 a barrel
It would be "fair", and the higher the price, the better for Iraq.

She announced
The United States imposed new or old sanctions targeting Iran on Monday
Its oil sector, banks and vehicles.

Sanctions 50 Iranian banks with branches, more than 200 people and shipping vessels
Iran, as well as Iran's airline and more than 65 aircraft from its fleet.

How to
The United States has included Iran's sanctions on the Atomic Energy Organization.

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