Saturday , April 1 2023

Governor of Fayoum visits birthday of Ahoura district Prophet Muhammad (video and images)


Major General Issam Saad, Governor of Fayoum, testified to the celebration of the Prophet's birthday, organized by the Al-Azhar district of Fayoum, in collaboration with the presence of Fayoum City, Al-Azhar mosque, in the presence of Sheikh Saeed Mohammed Saeed, Fayoum, Mohammed Abdullah, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Education Abdul Fattah Sharaf, Deputy Chief of Supply, Several Executive and Popular Leaders, Scientists, Sheikh, Al-Azhar and Awqaf, as well as several citizens.

The feast began with the recitation of the Holy Qur'an, followed by religious declination and prayer of the prophets. Then some of the visitors talked about Mustafa's birth, peace of mind, his biography and the lessons learned from them.

The Fayum Governor warmly congratulated the Arab and Islamic people, the Egyptian people in general and, in particular, the people of Fayoum and all the executive, national, political and security leaders at the time of the birth of the Prophet. He called on the Supreme to give this good anniversary to our beloved Egypt. It maintains safety and stability.

The governor of Fayoum emphasized the need to unite and work in one team and apply the biography of Prophet Muhammad in his daily life and throughout our work, as well as the need to make more efforts, as well as work and production to promote development.

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