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Gold prices on Saturdays 27-4-2019 gold market are constantly updated

We offer you a comprehensive report Gold prices today Saturday 27 / 4-2019 gold market is constantly updated, where it is Gold Prices in Egypt The higher the turmoil caused by the dollar's instability in Egyptian banks Dollar price Rose with their yellow metal price works The price of gold Many people, such as investors, who save their money in gold bars, merchants and youngsters who marry, and prices are updated all day long.

Gold Prices on Saturday, 27-4-2019

Witnesses Gold Prices in Egypt His condition is gradually increasing, where he has reached The price of one gram of gold 21 caliber, the most common selling and buying 613 pound, and 18 caliber has reached 526 pounds, it is worth mentioning that these prices do not include a labor price estimated at 10% of the price per gram.

CaliberPrice without workPrice USD
Caliber 24701 LE____
22EGP 652____
21 caliber613 Pounds____
18 caliber526 pounds____
14EGP 412____
Caliber311 pounds____
The price of pound goldEGP 4990____
Gold Ounce Price__________$ 1,285
Price per kilogram of gold701,000 pounds____
Gold prices today
Gold prices today

Silver price in the Egyptian market

Witnesses Silver prices in Egypt Situation of relative stability, where prices vary slightly between increases in some periods and then decline again and record British pound price today 95.8, the amount of 8.23 ​​pounds, but the price of pure silver 99.9 has registered 8.58 pounds, and this price today is a silver price.

CaliberThe name on the Egyptian marketPrice in Egyptian pounds
Caliber 80Silver jewelryEGP 6.87
CaliberSilver currenciesEGP 7.73
Caliber 92.5Silver silverEGP 7.95
Caliber 95.8British silverEGP 8.23
Caliber 99.9Pure silverEGP 8.58
Price per ounce of silverSilver ozEGP 267.19

Factors Affecting Gold Prices In Egypt

The price of gold in Egypt varies depending on the change Dollar price There is also a supply and demand situation in official banks as well as in oil drums and global stock exchanges Yellow metalSince it is normal to raise the price of any item by increasing demand, and gold prices can see some differences from one merchant to another, worth between one pound or two pounds, and face The price of gold This period is a decline in caliber, whether it be 24 or 21 caliber, which is the most marketed in the Egyptian market.

Gold mining and manufacturing

It should be noted that approximately 75% of the gold in the world has been acquired since 1910, where the amount of gold produced worldwide is 190 thousand tons, while the reserve underground is 54 thousand tons, and Chinese, Australian and Canadian production is The United States accounts for 44 percent of the world's gold, and China is the largest gold producer.

Gold prices are rising to the highest value in 7 months

Rose Gold Prices in Egypt The highest value since 7 months for several reasons, the most important being that gold is the most suitable shelter today, can be saved for individuals or governments, as the head of the jewelry department in East Asian and Brazilian countries pointed out, to make trade based on gold rather than dollars.

Update: The price per gram of gold today

  • High Gold prices today Saturday, 27-4-2019 Egyptian markets where he won The price of one gram of gold today The value of 24 pounds is 701 pounds, while the gold pound is registered at 4990, while the record 21, which is the most marketed Egyptian market value, is 613 pounds, while the record value of 18 caliber was 526 pounds. Gold Prices Some differences from one trader to another while the jewelery shops do not show significant differences in price correlation with the world price, and this difference does not usually affect the final price of grams.
  • Rose Gold prices today In local and global markets, where the price was 213 caliber without the price of 613 pounds.

Please leave a comment with your expectations Gold Prices in Egypt In the coming days.

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