Monday , September 20 2021

George Wassouf from El Sawy Culturewheel: "Egypt is my dear beloved"

Artist George Wausss has just started his concert at Al-Bawwaj's Sawyat Al-Sawy Theater, especially cheerful and greatly welcome from the audience who participated to enjoy it in particular.

As soon as the sultan Al Tarab completed his first songs, he thanked Al-Sawyi's officer Mohamed Al-Sawy for organizing the ceremony. He also expressed his love for Egypt and its people, saying: "Egypt is the love of my heart." He also thanked his audience who applauded him as soon as he got to the show.

The concert is part of the Sawy Culturewheel series of concerts, organized to mark the opening of the new branch, which began some time ago with the concert of the great musician Omara Khairata and will continue. At the end of this month, an evening concert is planned.

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