Monday , February 6 2023

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Mohamed Ibrahim, Mahmoud Abd Elati, Dunga and Mustafa Fathi visited Zamalek on Tuesday.

Six to whom Ibrahim, Dunga and Mustafa Fathi had the first team to play with the new trio Mohammed Abdel Salam Mohammed Ahmed Camacho and Mahmoud Hassan with a youth team born 97th Sunday after the clock against the Pyramids in the Republican Championship. Following the approval of the Zamalek Club technical staff, led by Christian Gross.

The first Zamalek team team was trained in a healthy hospital under the guidance of Shaikh Bouziane, team coach and Amir Azmi, coach assistant.

And the technical staff led by Gross is preferred to satisfy that this group only runs the hospital in order to avoid exposure to stress.

Zamalek faced his border guard in the 13th Egyptian League and won 2-1 on Monday.

Zamalek is about to face the war on Egypt's League 14 on Saturday, at noon. 18.00 at the Stadium of Peace.

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