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Fat liver treatment in various ways

Oily liver is one of the most common diseases experienced by many people, especially the elderly, and can be the result of excessive weight, increased fat content or alcohol and unhealthy diet.

According to the website mayoklinika There are various ways to treat oily liver


The liver

Often the treatment of fat liver is followed by some daily tips, including

1: Losing weight, getting rid of accumulated fat and reducing oily foods, oils and potatoes.

2: Follow a healthy diet containing vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

3: Pay attention to daily workouts, helping to promote body health and lose weight and get rid of accumulated fat.

4: Diabetics should be regular in the treatment of severely affected liver.

The liver
The liver

5: Cholesterol reduction if vegetarian diet and exercise and medication help maintain cholesterol and triglyceride levels in health.

6: Stay away from alcohol and sedative drinking only under medical supervision.

Your doctor may recommend vaccination against hepatitis A and B virus to protect you from viruses that can cause further liver damage.

In patients with cirrhosis caused by non-alcoholic fatty acid hepatitis, liver transplantation may become a treatment option.

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