Monday , September 20 2021

Expectations to maintain central interest rates … Thursday

The Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), in its meeting scheduled for the second Thursday of 2018 on Thursday, predicted that interest rates would remain unchanged, predicted sources of banking.

Excluded sources did not allow the central bank to raise deposit bank interest rates.

The Central Bank's Monetary Policy Committee will meet next Thursday to determine the savings deposit rates at regular meetings of the central bank. The Committee will also review the economic and financial reports and studies prepared by the Bank's monetary policy unit, which includes the latest local and international events. Make a decision about return prices.

Bank expert Hany Adel said that the Monetary Policy Committee could hope that interest rates will stabilize at a meeting held next Thursday; it is unlikely that central bank interest rates will be raised by several factors, including the relative stability of the inflation rate, in addition to the increase in interest rates, an encumbrance to the state budget.

The draft law states: "Price stability is one of the main objectives of monetary policy and contributes to other goals. Therefore, in the medium term when monetary policy is implemented, Promote confidence building and provide an appropriate environment for investment and economic growth."

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