Tuesday , June 6 2023

Egypt News Today "Solidarity" honors prize-winning orphans "Karim Husseini"


Hani Al Arabi – You are now reading the daily news. Solidarity honors the winners of the award winner Karim Husseini and now with complete information on the Persian Gulf of 365

The Ministry of Social Solidarity is organizing a ceremony honoring the winners of the Karim Al Hussein Award of the Sixth edition of 2018 to promote outstanding and outstanding orphan students under the auspices of the Minister for Social Solidarity.

Sumaya Al-Alfi, head of the Central Social Welfare Administration of the Ministry of Social Welfare, said that this year's Egyptian competition was held and 108 carers from 89 nursing homes in 13 provinces accounted for about 20% of all registered nursing homes.

So far, the number of winners has reached 33 students and 20 carers for six consecutive years.

Thank you for reading news of Egypt Today, Solidarity honors the orphans of children who have won Karim Al Hussein Awards in 365 on the Gulf Coast and informs that the content of the theme is written by Dawn and may have been completely transmitted or quoted. . You can read the sources of these sources and follow them from the main source of Fajr, and we are not responsible for the content of this post with the best wishes Happy Day.

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