Saturday , March 25 2023

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Governor of Beheira opened the Wafra Animal Breeding Project


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Dr Mona Mehrez, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Animal, Fish and Bird Resources, revealed Wafra Rural Animal Production, one of the Egyptian Food Bank projects in Sheikh Al-Shaarawi.

Dr. Hisham Amna, Head of Beheira, Dr. Abdul Rashid Ghanem, Deputy Head of Office, Tarek Sulaiman, Head of Animal Husbandry and Poultry Development, Dr. Mohamed Attia, Head of the Veterinary Service, Head of the Central Election Department, Directors of the Ministry of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Lake, and several provincial governors.

During his speech, Muharz confirmed that the Wafra farm for livestock farming is an important model that should be motivated as it trains educators and new graduates to help them work scientifically and that the project is a model that can be reproduced in many republic regions with a competitive idea of good product production at lower cost, especially as the project adds value to the production of dairy products, and is a model to overcome the need and the need for work and diligence.

Mr Mahrez added that the Presidential Directives of the Republic of Macedonia were implemented with the aim of supporting the livestock sector through these projects, so that the Central Bank would receive soft loans at the 5% initiative in order to complete the capacity and fill the agricultural holdings that spent GBP 2.9 billion in this sector to create jobs and increase production volume And the government encourages educators to increase their capacity and fill areas on their farms, and the Ministry of Agriculture will shortly provide licensing services to facilitate procedures for obtaining loans.

The Deputy Minister for Agriculture emphasized the need to respect the necessary immunization in his specific disease prevention activities and welcomed conservative cooperation by participating and overcoming all barriers to national immunization campaigns and numbering and registration campaigns.

Major General Hisham Amna said that the lake province is one of the most important provinces that invest in livestock farming, thanks to the availability of workforce and a suitable climate, as well as the diversity of agricultural crops needed for feed production and the diversity of investment components.

Reda Sakara, Managing Director of the Food Bank of Egypt, said the Verve animal product has an ISO certificate and provides more than 100 job opportunities for young people in different parts of the farm, and the project includes a training center for the farm to train workers for educators and young people. graduate in the field of animal husbandry Veterinarians and agricultural engineers on animal welfare systems, artificial insemination, livestock management and nutrition, management systems and all projects related to animal breeding or their introduction into the labor market.

It is worth mentioning that the livestock plantations are divided into dairy farms with 8 Halab cattle and 3 barns from dry cows and dairy cows and baby breeding farms, consisting of boxers separately for each calf individually, in order to prevent the infection of the calves, and after the boot-out from the age of the month There are 4 small calves, which are divided until weaning. In the dairy farm, in addition to the equipment and equipment fitted with the farm, there is also a multi-apartment building for staff, workshops, warehouses, central kitchens, administrative buildings, houses and home veterinarians and agricultural engineers. Dutch Holstein).

Felling farm consists of 8 sheds, divided by weight and age, and bunker silos with a capacity of 6000 tons, a compost plant, organic fertilizer, management and security buildings, and a balance between the covers and equipment placed on tractors and loaders. The farm has limousine cows – Hereford, Semanthal,. Mix the brown and the frieze mixture.

At the end of the opening, Moez Al-Shahdi, General Manager of the Egyptian Food Bank and Moez Al-Shahdi, Executive Director of the Egyptian Food Bank, handed over to Honam Mehun, Governor of Al-Beheira Hisham Amna and Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Animal, Fish and Bird Resources, and honored public employees, companies and consultants for their efforts to support. Wafra Farms.

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