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Born in these towers that are most subjected to betrayal. Or … Masrawy

Horoscope predictions: these towers were born most prone to transfer .. Are your partners from them?


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Articles by Al-Muniri:

Everyone is afraid of emotional relationships with the cranny of the other and his desire for multiple relationships, and the resort often marries skepticism to find out everyday horror for fear of Dora. Since there is no consistent scientific measure about the degree of betrayal of humans, because they are related to the same circumstance and the nature of the relationship, the constellation expert Dr. Abeer Fouad told Masrawi the most treacherous towers.


Sagittarius is practicing polygamy, dreaming of a woman in every country, because he is a travel lovers, as well as cancer towers and a lion like to marry twice.


The crooked tower, which loves the diversity of women's relationships and does not require marriage, is all about meeting his sexual desires.


A woman in a lion interferes in several relationships, because she is romantic about the characteristics of her tower, and she is easy to fall in love because she has excessive romanticism.


Whale girl tends to pass because of her intense romanticism and it is possible to fall in love with someone other than her husband.


A worthwhile woman loves multi-polar but fails.

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