Tuesday , June 22 2021

Be careful When installing this version 12, the device is burned

One iPhone phone user was surprised at the unexpectedly high temperature in the phone, and then the smoke from the cell phone left, completely destroyed.

According to the British Daily Mail, a user named "Mohammed's Exit", who lives in Washington, said Apple Twitter with a message containing several smart phone images.

Mohammed said the iPhone X suddenly became hot when iOS 12.1 was installed on the device. He added that he had bought this phone already at the beginning of this year and usually uses it.

When the iPhone installed the new update, Mohammed connected it with the charger, surprisingly, that the phone was hooked and could not be worn until it had fallen out of his hands. After a while, gray smoke came out of the phone, followed by a fire.

Note: the content of these messages was written in the echoes of the country, and today there is no Egyptian point of view, but the content was delivered, because it is an echo of the state, and we are not responsible for the content of the news and the custody of the previous source.

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