Monday , February 6 2023

Apple Maps Get New Update. Discover its benefits


Apple has supported its mapping service with detailed internal maps of more than 20 shopping centers and airport routes in the United States, Denmark, Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada, According to the Indian Phonearena website,

Thanks to the new features, users will be able to zoom in and explore the design of these sites, and in restaurants, shops and fast food restaurants, shopping centers and service areas like toilets, lifts and stairs will be displayed.

At airports, you will see terminals, boarding gates and check-in zones, which are definitely a very useful job, and you will probably be more likely to save a lot of trouble during the next trip.

The total amount of approved shopping malls and airports is increasing, and can be verified through Apple's website. It includes Cumberland Mall Atlanta, Georgia, North Point Mall Alpharetta, Georgia, Hong Kong IFC Mall, Hong Kong Times Square and Copenhagen Airport in Denmark.

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