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Al Sakka is afraid of mice, the dark "Karara" and the high-rise "Henedi" .. Know the Constellation Phobia

Books – Baha'i Hijazi:

Artist Amir Karara said that he was afraid of the darkness, which makes her sleep only if he has light in the room, even if it is simple.

At a meeting with Wafaa Al Kilani, TV programmer Taharif, who broadcast MBC1, he said that the reason for his fear of the darkness was that he woke up from sleep, at the same time as the electric current was interrupted. He was in complete darkness. And I thought he was blind, but his brother woke him up and told him that electricity had been discontinued.

Near the dark there are several things that reflect the star phobia, and we keep on highlighting what the stars are afraid of in this report:

Hassan Al-Raddad

Hassan Al-Raddad, Wafa Al-Kilani, a Taharifa guest on MBC 1, and asked Wafaa Al-Kilani Al-Radad for his biggest fears about cats or dogs.

Artist Hassan al-Radaj said he had saved many cats, but he did not like the cat, indicating that he did not allow hating dogs, but he fears and hates from cats.

See this post in Instagram

See this post in Instagram

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Salah al – Saadani

The great artist, Salah al-Saadani, is afraid to fly and does not constantly use it, indicating that it's ridiculous to think of heaven and earth, so he went to one of the Damascus theater festivals, which left thousands of kilometers in the car, and, after discussing some journalists, he confirmed, that he is not convinced to ride an airplane; a man is stopped between earth and heaven.

So I apologize for being honored at the Cartagena Festival, because it is the distance and fear of a trip by airplane. It's also hard to drive by this distance,

For this reason, Al-Saadani refused to star in the "Space of Heart" series, since the series of events went more than once from Cairo to America or vice versa. Director Nader Jalal tried to persuade Saadani, but all attempts did not reflect Hisham Selim's role.

Tatars series "in the heart of the place"

Hassan Al – Shafei

Distributor Hassan al-Shafei is also afraid of an airplane trip and wrote to Shafei in his personal account on Facebook: "I and Sherine were in the airplane control room at the take-off and landing stage! And my contract was often canceled!

Khalid Selim

The wife of artist Khalid Selim said that her husband was afraid of the "mouse", pointing out that during their trip they found a big "mouse" entering the kitchen, closing the door and being merciful: caught straw and returned as if they were in a war.

In turn, the artist Khalid Salim, meeting with the program "Tlatte in one", on satellite "ON E" with artist Shaima Saif and her husband Madi, that the mouse was like a crocodile, indicating that he was screaming and running away.

(Khalid Salim and his wife – 3 * 1)

Ahmed El Sakka

During his conversation with Count Tonight De, he was very afraid of the rats and provided a mouse cursor to ask him to open it, indicating that it was mice and bees.

Al Sakka in Tonight De

Mohamed Henedy

With more than one interview, artist Mohamed Heneidi said he was afraid of high places and called for a high place a phobia called "Akrobija". In a statement on the statement, Henedi said that the jump from home was the most complex scene in the "Land of Testimony" series, because he was afraid of Highness, and in co-operation with the director, Mando Justice was a scene.

Mai Ezz El Din

Artist May Ezel Elin is very afraid of blood and he has seen a blood-thirst for phobia, and has announced it in more than one program at a meeting with "3 * 1" with Shaima Saif.

Mona Zaki

Artist Mona Zaki has said more than once that she is afraid of narrow spaces – the famous phobia suffered by many people around the world.

In spring

Comedian Ali Rabie is almost the entire phobia, and artist Mohamed Anwar in a telephone interview said that Rabie has many fears, even if he washes bananas from the ground and from Goha.

War prince

Regardless of the fear of darkness, Amir Karara is afraid of dogs, and he said in the program "Drink tea" with Ghad Adel, he fears dogs and leaves the studio when the dog enters the studio.

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