Friday , July 1 2022

Al-Manial is dedicated to celebrate the birth of Muhammad Ali


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Award winners will be awarded on the birthday of Mohammed Ali's award-winning Mohammed Ali City Museum Maniale.

Dr.Walaa El Din Badawy, Director General of the Museum, invited all visitors to the museum on November 8 to register their names and buy several awards and gifts from the museum. Registration will be from 10 am to 1 pm 12.00, with one winner will be announced at noon. 12.00

Badawi added that the museum will give special awards to the first five visitors, coinciding with the princess's birthday, which will take place on November 9th.

He pointed out that the curator of the museum, Hadir Adel, will head the city's tour to introduce them to all of them.

Prince Muhammad Ali Tafif, born in 1875, is the son of Kedi Mohammed Tafif, son of Khedi Ismail, Khadio Abbas Helmi II's younger brother, and the brother of King Farouk I., the former Egyptian king.

Badawi says that Tafif was a fan of Islamic art and even cast a castle. The second was the death of King Fouad I and the announcement of his son Farouka as the king of Egypt, the third after the declaration of the July revolution of 1952, and the departure of King Farouka on the Egyptian throne and calling his son Prince Ahmed Fouad II King and the late Prince Mohammed Ali Tawfik in 1955.

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