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Al Ahli's news Sunday 11/11/2018


Al Ahly saw a lot of important news at the ballroom level on Sunday, chief of which is the start of the administration to eliminate the corrections after the loss of the Champions League title.

Saleh Gomaa before Al Mirkat winter shows good intentions of Al Ahly

Al Ahli slot gambler Saleh Juma deplored Al Ahly's loss in the second consecutive year after the "African Cup" title when Al Ahmar lost Al Tarry three clean equipment in the Champions League final and lost his dream of a title troop.

The Al Ahli Football Committee meets on Thursday to start the correction trail

On Thursday, the National Football Committee will hold an important meeting to discuss several issues related to the football team, most notably the study on the reports currently being prepared by Cartier, coach and head coach and chief executive officer of the football team, Mohamed Youssef.

The club's president had invited Mohamed Youssef, Patrice Cartiron and Dr. Khaled Mahmoud, team leader, for comprehensive administrative, technical and medical team reports for the previous season. The club president quickly prepared these reports for personal discussions.

Suspension of Ahli celebrations with new sponsors

Egyptian football sponsor "Presence Sports", in agreement with the leadership of Al Ahli Club, has decided to postpone the announcement of the Red Castle sponsors for a later date to be announced in the coming hours..

The ceremony was held on November 15 to open new sponsors for Ahli after a four-year contract between the company and Red Fort.

Ahli begins talks with Al-Ahli to join Mahmoud Wahid

The officers of the Al Ahly Club launched a verbal negotiating line in January with their counterparts in a swap to agree on the acquisition of Mahmud Wahidid, who was on the left side of the Fayoumi team, during the winter transfer period.

Ahli wants to conclude agreements on the left to strengthen the left in light of the frequent Tunisian injury Maaloul, and on many occasions rely on Ayman Ashraf's defense center and is not convinced of the opportunities of Sabri Rahil who did not use all the opportunities that were available to him and is facing with a huge drop in the red masses, which is reserved for its continuation in the Ahli list.

Trezeguet, Ramadhan, Shehat and Wahid wanted to save Ahly at the head

Al Ahl's soccer team has made a list of stars to save the first team and return to victory and champion's way, losing the African Champions League to the last round against Tunisia.

Ahly tends to reject Lindeman's bus

Al Ahly club officials are planning to release team weightlifting coach Dutch Lindeman with an experienced trainer over the next few days after repeated complaints of overloads, which have often caused injuries to players and have affected the red pounds in the recent period.

Al Ahli's decision was taken after the great loss of the African final game against Esperance Tunisia, with the three clean and the loss of the African title, which was the dream of all the Ahlāvs, especially because of the many injuries and the riflemen who could not match Esperance players in the final .

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