Saturday , March 6 2021

23 thousand measles in 2018

Dr. Gamal Forar, Director of Prevention and Health Promotion at the Ministry of Health and Population's Health at the Algerian Ministry of Health and Hospital Reform, reported 23,000 children with measles among Algerian children and 16 deaths from the same disease in 2018.

Vorar today talks about the need Inoculation Children against measles, as this is the best way to prevent the epidemic, and said that no new vaccinations should be expected in line with the dates of the vaccination of children.

He emphasized that there was no anti-measles remedy, except for the vaccine, which he described as the only protection against this infectious and deadly disease. He pointed out that the Ministry of Health had sent medical teams in the countries where the outbreak occurred, in particular Mostaganem (western) and Batna (northeastern) countries, to investigate the situation.

"While there Children Not vaccinated, they are vulnerable to infection with the disease, "and other things are expected to be recorded in the coming days in several regions of the country in Algeria.

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