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You don't see important icons as meaningless. Get rid of the trash in the notification bar –

Cutouts on display are smart phones of the mayor. The original is a specific iPhone X, which sowed this destruction in the autumn of 2017 and since then the infection spreads at lightning speed. What kind of salvation promises so-called display shooting or sophisticated sliding design but is not yet a reliable drug.

The negativity on the cutouts in the display or the notch was already measurable, but mostly it was aesthetics. Today, we will address one very practical problem, and that is the limited space in the notification bar.

It's Huawei Mate 20 Pro, and its cutting hides more advanced technology than competing androids. For this reason, it is quite bulky, which takes half the width of the display. And when you add the icons that the Android display appears by default, there is not much room for notification, and you need to download a notification roller to find out what is happening.

You will be looking for unnecessary settings

In my case, space occupies a rather unnecessary NFC-enabled reference. One solution is to turn off NFC, but if you want to pay by mobile, it doesn't make sense. Like Bluetooth and other icons.

How to get rid of them? You are not setting up. It will be harder, but it's not rocket science again. Let's go.

The first step in preparing your phone. Open the settings, find the system or phone information, usually the last item. Find the building number and click seven times. It activates the developer mode and a new entry with the same name appears in the menu. Open it and activate debugging using ADB.

We install ADB and adjust

ADB is an Android debugging bridge, an official Google tool that is not dirty, no need to collapse your phone. ADB is mainly designed for developers, but it also simplifies our problem. Now we will work on the computer.

  1. Download ADB
  2. Unpack the contents of the package in a separate folder
  3. In this folder, hold down the Shift key, right-click and select an item Open the command window here. The black command line window opens.
  4. Connect your phone to the USB cable and change the USB connection mode to file transfer (file transfer or MTP) on the display.
  5. Type the expression on the computer's command line adb devices
  6. Assign a USB debugging permission on your phone
  7. Return to the command line and type again adb devices. You should now see the serial number of your phone, which means you can start debugging.

Removing unwanted icons is a matter of one team. This is to remove the NFC, Bluetooth, and comfort reading icon:

adb shell settings provide secure icon_blacklist nfc, bluetooth, eyes_protect

Here is a list of other additional icons. The meaning is sometimes obvious from the English name, sometimes it is more complicated and you have googlit (on the other hand it is not a frequently displayed icon in such cases). Be sure not to sign the entire team at once, then nothing would have left on the toolbar, which is the opposite end.

managed_profile, sync, sync, use, location, Bluetooth,
powersavingmode, headset, nfc, tty, speaker, zen, mouth, volume
wifi, cdma_eri, data_connection, phone_evdo_signal, phone_signal
battery alarm clock clock clock volte_call eyes_protect

The effect is not immediate, before the icon is lost, the phone needs to be restarted. Usually with the button, but when we play the developer, it's also a team reboot. And if you hide something you don't want to hide, here is a command to reset all previous hidden commands.

adb shell settings inserts a list of safe icons null

Povedlo it?

Today's training is tested with Huawei Mate 20 Pro with the latest software. Other machines of the same brand may work the same, because other brands may have modifications, but they can easily be vygooglíte. A great source of information is the XDA developers, I focus here and here.

I wish you a successful adjustment, discuss the discussion, how successful you have been or what you have learned during the game. If you like the theme next time, we can continue with other games with ADB because, of course, this tool does not end when you hide icons.

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