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White people are disgusting, says a singer who has gone to Islam


November 2018 13:24 Original message

The well-known controversial singer Sinéad O & # 39; Connor has put himself in his Twitter for all who do not recognize Islam. A hundred year old Irish man, who was recently called Shuhada's Davitt, after having switched to this religion, has written that he does not want to spend time on white people.

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Controversial and disgusting hollow monster, bad Turkish. Muslims are animals that are just like humans.

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Maybe it's a lady's cold-minded tricky step. If she had not been Islamic, she would most likely be a fool or a cure. Now no one dare to look at it as a privileged ideologue.

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I do not know a word that would make him a big mistake.

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Of course, the 50-year-old actor …

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A classic example and illustration of what is Islam. We must never allow traffickers who left the European Union and the Prague Cafe to catch us.

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haha, exactly what you have achieved in converted verlibam to divide hemenex / ok udder ores.
otherwise, all the opposition that co-operated with Russia and what Russia did, called Hitler's "betrayal".
ok hemenex / ok kicked off :-)))))

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I do not know what the Prague café is, and no one here is Islam, it can not be filled with our will, so the only betrayers are those who want to load Putin and Russia.

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Lucie Bila complains!

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