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To become Jaromr Jr, Pastr Past the great future legendrn Klma | Hockey

PRAGUE Pan, it was a weekend! On Saturday, Boston's skier was knighted by a knight in Toronto's second hat-trick, later in a bike with Vegas Dal Gl. Together, he took a two-point shoot in a place where the NHL's 16-point team occupies a star-goal.

If Jaroslav Ygr continues on such events, Jaromr Jr will become Jaromru Jgru, facilitated by the Edmonton Gun Petr Klma.

To complete the 22-ton prophecy tonight, a lot of season, but at the end of this season you could reach the perfect esk hockey slider.

The best NHL officer is still only one young man – Milan Haydwaks. In the spring of 2003, he managed to win the championship, and in Colorado he scored seven goals in the last five years.

David Pastr

David Pastrk celebrates Glu against Dallas.

With 50 hands in a row, he left Mark Nslund, Todd Bertuzzi or the new Marine Hoss, and first of all Maurice Richard Trophy, in the hands of the best NHL star.

You probably ask: What about Yg? 68. The legend of the team was able to overcome the points, a gun cannon would never happen to him.

Indeed, a few times it was really a beast. In 1999, Tegrims Selnne left Jr, and in 2006 he was the best in the past, even before the last five minutes, with 53 Illy Kovaluk (51).

Both of them recovered, the thorns eventually hit 56 hits from Jonathan Cheechoo. Jergi had also escaped from a spotted blood trophy.

Confectionery m at this point pushes the nicot witch into the table in the cannon; Dr. and away from the quartet Ovekin, P. Kane, Skinner and Meier.

If the chip continues to operate at the set pace, stop it with glossy content in the indicator 77.

David Pastr

Such a number is a naturally utopian hockey, where elite stars meet a goal of only 60 goals (when they last led Steven Stamkos in 2012).

However, it is clear that if Pastrkov's performance is not dramatic, or if he is injured, Havlíčkův Brod has been subjected to an extraordinary season.

If you take into account that this year's NHL star, Alexandru Ovekin, is the 49th best star (and even Sidney Crosby is about to go for the first time), hockey fans have to wait.

They will fight again to try to taste the triumph of the king.

Mostly do not stop! but 88, but the amazing squeaky dog ​​is calm and level. I just want to improve. That's all I can do, just say. Really what is your question?

The coach and co-workers describe the confectionery more colorfully. On the side of an experienced pet Patrick Bergeron, the young man thinks of a rear drill, from matador Brad Marchand, again, looking back at how the bulldozer turned.

That's why it's safe. And he has been working for so many years, he does not appreciate the progress of his hockey player Bergeron.

The two maze have somewhat focused on the escape of Torrand, along with the adversary. But even in many shapes it is often called the most dangerous line of the NHL.

David Pastr

Send a long pony, then pl. You can not find much in this League League, he acknowledged the Toronto Garret Sparks threat. Neboks, who Saturday's tongue was pasting Pastry products.

And it happens when you give the youth a singles show, you do not have to wait for a whim. The confectioner is more likely to come back with the rest of the truth he wants to improve. Just do it.

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