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The situation with Zaorálek can calm down, hopes of the cultural representatives


Tomáš Töpfer, actor, director and director of the Prague Vinohradia Theater, is particularly surprised by the choice of the CSSD minister.

“It's Easter, which I wouldn't even dream of. I assumed that the CSSD had trained someone who is really competent to run the culture department. But I do not see much difference between Michal Šmarda and Lubomír Zaorálek in terms of expertise. Hopefully, at least he is surrounded by people who can give him good advice. And perhaps thanks to contacts abroad, Czech culture will be more open to the world through more frequent visits of Czech artists abroad and the use of Czech cultural oxygen from abroad, ”he told Pravo.

Tomáš Töpfer invites viewers to the Vinohrady Theater.

Photo: Petr Hloušeks, Právo

Movie director Helena Třeštíková on the contrary, she is satisfied. “I think Lubomír Zaorálek is a polite person, and I emphasize that. She is competent, I have met her several times at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, so I know she is interested in culture. And maybe the situation will eventually calm down because what's happening lately has been lost to culture, ”she told Pravo.

“He finds himself in a sensitive environment that requires a lot of empathy, listening and patience. The role of the Ministry of Culture is an indicator of the mental state of society. I would like the new minister, despite the initial introduction of the new issue, to make the necessary systemic, legislative and budgetary changes for the benefit of the entire ministry, ”he said. Jan Burian, director and director of the Prague National Theater.

National Theater director Jan Burian

Photo: Peter Hornix, Pravo

“If the Minister of Culture would not occasionally cause a scandal to baptize books for communist leaders, or if he did not throw out experts from cultural institutions such as Jiří Fajt, director of the National Gallery, I would not have noticed that culture is at the service. For 17 years, the Na Jezerce Theater of the Ministry of Culture has never supported us with a cultural grant for artistic activity. Not once. I honestly don't care if the Minister of Culture is Peter or Paul. But General Peter Pavels would like me as president at Prague Castle. Right away, ”he told Pravo Jan Khrushinsky, actor, director and director of the Na Jezerce Theater in Prague.

Painter and graphic artist Vladimír Suchánek He believes that we will not see a knowledgeable culture minister in our country. “It's a farce. In the Czech Republic, we will never see a Minister of Culture who is knowledgeable enough and who has a really strong influence in government. I think the position of Minister of Culture is a substitute problem, and in the meantime there are behind-the-scenes games that are used to get time to deal with the Prime Minister, ”he told Pravo.

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