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The researcher discovers a tolu that leads to a Nazi test bunker

Underground and bunker (Rychnov at Jablonec)

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It's not so much that we open the entrance to the underground, we could and could explode. but there is a lot to expect, said Ivan Rous from the Severoesky Museum in Liberec. The dump should be secured by a dredger, then by means of a dredger with the help of dams.

The survey was held in Rychnov in 2011. It is dedicated to its owned arms company Gtewent, which was one of the most important wars in the country. It was not a flashlight at home that burned a cannon, here there were a lot of things. This was the case with a number of special weapons, described by Rous. In Rychnov in 1939, the company was sitting in a galician bourgeois valley and sound signals.

For example, submarine radars, radio frequencies, large radar calibrators, electric submarines and one of the last grades was the launch of the Zen, named Nordpl, which was on V2 missiles.

The underground building was built in 1944 and 1945 with the affiliate of the AL Reichenau concentration camp. How many meters really emphasized, we do not know. We will only stop the first stage documents and Rous said the second phase of the aid.

It is estimated that the underground should be 300 meters from the anti-corruption corridors and about 250 meters from the testovacho bunker. In what condition is it and where it comes to the end of the wolf, do not fill it.

The teacher, in cooperation with the city, plans to build a memorial in the Dungeon castle mound as a gentleman, where people died and died. There lives the AL Reichenau concentration camp. They said they were working in the water day and tunnels these tunnels, added Rous. AL Reichenau was a branch of the Gross-Rosen concentration camp and traveled around the 1420s.

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