Tuesday , May 30 2023

The lottery manager is finished as a CT manufacturer. Conflict crashes, says TV


On Tuesday, Czech Television immediately withdrew Stanislav Brunkyk from a Creative Producer post. The reason is to block his activities at the PR agency, which provides services to the Chamber of Commerce and the presidency of the Czech Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce.

"The reason was a serious violation of labor law, and every Czech television employee should inform the manager of a possible conflict of interest on the basis of an employment contract," said CTCH spokeswoman Carolina Blinková.

Since December CT has been working as a manager at Brunckick's Program Development and Programming Unit, where he was a creative producer. "The content of the project The Czech TV Program Council had new concepts" You have a name and a new discussion program that reflects serious social issues and is foreseen for the CT1 program, "Blinková added.

Brunclik also had a research program in Nedel, dealing with ecological topics. According to Aktualne.cz, the Czech Television Council was to receive a letter at a Wednesday session in which objections to possible participation in the program were expressed.

Brunclík is the president of the Chamber of Commerce in the Chamber of Commerce in the Chamber of Commerce and is also the CEO and co-owner of the PR Agency providing services to the Chamber of Commerce, potentially engaging in conflict of interest. After all, Nedera has previously examined the cases associated with this camera.

Brunclík is also the executive director of the company who, in 2012, provided signatures for nominating Tom O'Kamura to the president or provided PR services to former MP Michal Babák.

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