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The fourteen-year old trick! Benjamin table tennis player danced championships

And thanks to that, Ostrava was strikingly opposed to the biggest Champions League champion. She fell after the fight 2: 3. This question was added by Tomas Treglers.

"The Unbelievable Audience!" Shimon Bělík duel shocked. "People helped me get out of the bad result and cope with the pressure." The black meadow showroom dropped down when the young beak fell. It was sold out, more than four hundred fans were hanging on the chairs.

No wonder Borussia Düsseldorf is the first number of the Champions League. Her star is former world champion and seven-time European champion Timo Bolls. He also took both games in Ostrava. He won Peter Korbel (3: 0) and Thomas Tregler (3: 0). However, Bělék's performance shocked him.

"I honestly did not want to play Boll," Belic said. "I despise it, but on the other hand, it would be an experience, maybe I will continue to sign …" As a team from Ostrava, he picked up 1: 1 against a giant Egyptian Tear. "He is nearly two meters away, but I was not physically concerned about his fear," said Bejlik. "On the one hand, he was externally sympathetic, and then it's not in the box. No matter who got drunk, but who is smarter. And what's better than that."

Bling surprised his opponent. He played courageously. In the first set he was able to get out at noon. 7:10. He turned into three groups and won 12:10. The same applies to the other. Turning from 1: 4 to 12: 7. "I had nothing to lose, and I played what I learned from the training. I was not bad at all, maybe he did not play his style of play, such a child."

The third set of Bělík lost 6:12, but the fourth again turned out to be successful. From 4: 6 to 10: 7. The third mechbol has changed. "I was so nasty in the tournament, but not all of them were looking at one table. The atmosphere was great."

And how did you teach the chemistry script initially? "I had to write it today, but because of the champions' league, we set it," Ostrava native smiles. "The school is already waiting for the weekend because on Thursday I go to Luxembourg to be the best young players in the world, so I did not have to complete the Champions League tasks."


TTC Ostrava 2016 – Borussia Dusseldorf 2: 3

Tregler – Källberg 3: 2 (8, -5, 3, -9, 12), Korbel – Boll 0: 3 (-4, -8, -7), Bělík -Assar 3: 1, 9), Tregler – Boll 0: 3 (-8, -2, -3), Korbel-Kellberg 1: 3 (-8, -6, 6, -8).

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