Saturday , April 17 2021

The Czechs are buying ski equipment. Entrance to the shops must be reserved

Due to the uncertain ski season, many people are late with the purchase of ski equipment this year. On Friday, Health Minister Jan Blatney (instead of YES) gave the ski resorts a green light, the slopes will open on December 18. The sellers of ski equipment almost did not stop on Saturday.

“Since we opened for two weeks and the number of customers in the premises is limited, the reduction is in the millions. We have solved this through a reservation system at the entrance. This means that those who want to come here have to log in online on our site, manager Jaromír Fic described the situation.

Due to concerns about what this year’s ski season will be like, many people have decided to invest in equipment for ski mountaineering and cross-country skiing. “The situation has also affected the sales structure so that there is much more interest in cross-country and skiing in the Alps,” added Fitch.

“I don’t know what it will look like this season, so I’d like to try downhill skiing,” said one respondent.

Due to concerns that the equipment in the warehouse could be sold, they are already selling goods at a discount somewhere. “The skis are ordered a year in advance, so we have a lot of goods, and the discounts actually started during Black Friday,” added Petr Křivánek, operations director of Happy Sport.

At the same time, new ski models usually become cheaper after the New Year.

David Marek assessed the economic situation regarding the sale of recordings:

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