Sunday , March 7 2021

Tesla Model 3 disqualified from 2nd place for unauthorized "fuel"

Some people have electric cars in their stomachs, recently displayed on the Buttonwillow's Global Time Attack Super lap. Cameron Rogers is a racing enthusiast with the electric model Tesla Model 3, which he is gradually improving and with which he is very successful at this event. One of the changes is to stop the new mountain break. Another Tesla improvement is the new Track Mode that was released a few days ago. This improves cooling, so the car does not heal so much and allows it to travel much longer than before.

The event took Rogers 2: 00.78 minutes, allowing him to take second place in his class. But the car can go even faster, Sasha Anis from Mountains Pass Pass was able to make the song even 1: 59.12 minutes, but he did not take part in the race. Such a time would be enough for the first time. The organizers said that the order and Rogers even came to the podium. But someone does not like the victory of an electric car, and then protests (see video about 17 minutes) that "electricity is not included in the list of approved fuels". The organizers disqualified Rogers and announced a new order. So next time there will be electricity in accordance with the rules.

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