Sunday , February 28 2021

STEM: Chechi quite positively perceives EET and Postcard

A positive measure is the introduction of the EET, which is considered 68% in Czech. Their share increased by four percentage points last year. 40 percent of the people are positive about the lottery, 18 percent are negative, and the rest are careless. This follows from the STEM survey.

More than two thirds of respondents believe that the lottery facilitates receipt of checks more often.

The EET is constantly providing more support to older people, of which 76 percent. In the most recent group, the proportion of favorable ratings is 59 percent. "When we formulate a personal attitude towards the EET, we see that votes on the EET are almost twice as high as votes against," said the statistician. However, less than a third of respondents still have a clear attitude or do not understand.

The draft law was launched in October 2017. Three fifths of people know exactly what it is. About a quarter of the Czechs heard the lottery, but they did not have more accurate information. The level of knowledge increases with the level of education.

In order to get a draw, 44 percent of people have to pay a lottery. In general, an invoice for 59% of Czechs, which is 6 percentage points more, is paid for by the current purchase. The share of income among young people is 42%. On the other hand, people over the age of 60 are 72 percent.

The statistics from the ministry show that approximately 346,873 active players were involved in October Drawings. It's at least as long as it works.

According to Finance Minister Alain Schiller (for YES), the number of participants will increase, with the continued rise in EET waves, which will be launched six months after the entry into force of the law. However, the amendment in question is being examined by the Chamber of Deputies during the approval process and is still at first reading. The third wave of the EET should relate to refreshments without tables and chairs, farmer markets, accounting services, lawyers or doctors. The fourth is for selected craftsmen.

The survey took place from 9 to 14 October and involved 1041 people.

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