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Sparta is looking for a trainer with T. Issha Haek and Vrba

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First of all, until the end of the season, Zdenek asnho went on a journey in May.

MF DNES offers business cards for key candidates – with its pros and cons.

Ivan Haek

The Sparans legend overcame the captain's representation. Even as part of Letna, Haeks celebrated two names that had broken into the French league, a football association.

For the first time after finishing the football double with discretionary power, it cannot be confused, could lay down the rules. In addition, he has a friendly relationship with Tom Rosick, who has been chosen as the new Fa Lactic Sports Editor. It is known that Haka M Rosick is on her first list.

+ A person. When his name is explained, he is automatically linked to Spartu, which after years is still powerful. The fans persecuted him, honored him. Even a small dog has a need for sparring. And ptapadesti even enough experience to stop the pressure.


Trenr Ivan Haek won the championship title in 2000-2001. Season. He celebrated him with Martin Search.

Do you have a good time: when did you last see it? Sweat that resigned from the free boss disappeared into the Arab world, where the est club was gone and lately exotica was not much celebrated. Can he adapt to the Czech League after eighteen years? Could she even feel nvrat? And would Ketsky owner want it without Rosick? This could be questioned.

Pavel Vrba

The best word in the list. How can you imagine Vrzesko's eyes being lost to Pavel Vrb? Sparta is an oven for Plze allergy and Plze Spartan. Not only would it be a bicycle among fans, but if Spartan was an expert, she should break. And so it costs. Make sure the weight is high.

+ M vision, intuition, their game and the person are huge. Ze sparanskch odloenc in autumn 2008 sculpture tm sn. Do you remember? Horvth, Rezek, Kol, Peter … In the end, the title and championship procedures were created. Balls! The first signatory was Pavel Vrba, who at this time went to the Representation and Russia. The concept of Trensky.


Plzesk Trenr Pavel Vrba.

She has a contract and is waiting for me again as a hrt champion. Could he refuse? And how does the milk plzeskho audience accept a sparring family? We don't know the answers, but we know Monday. Kadopdn to Letn bv oidn. Willow is used for the old and loyal environment, but Sparta is not equal to Plze. And how about nerves on the nerves? If trenr ct in Plenen and any of its reactions are irritating, then in Sparta we can be sure that the psyche becomes busy.

Vclav Jlek

The latest and least experienced list. Sympak Jlekje at home in Olomouc. Peaks never played football, pesto gives him a sense of humanity. He was inspired by Yaroslav Hebk. He opened it, Jleks leaned forward. He had worked with Spart in these years, and he not only helped Vtzlav Lavik. Remember the last title of 2014.

+ Olomouc, as a league league, missed Spartan's season. She played colorful and non-football. Right on the back of the train. Jleks is progressive, npadit and zaran football. M eyes on new games, don't worry about them dt space. It would be great for Spartan with Balance Hlok, Drchal and Plechatm.


Olomouc Trenr Vclav Jlek.

The question is whether the personality should not sit on a sparring bench. f, which can not only stamp in the booths, but also in the top offices between managers and editors. Jlekam has no such condition. In addition, he extended his contract in Olomouc until 2021, which he said about where he would most like to be the best. Your club and your little dt.

Petr Rada

+ Radovipatemoc, Kuk, drill, nostrace, but also humanity. Spartan had a lot of fun in the spring and after three years she brought her to the City. So dote ct, let Letn divide the prize and the owner of Ketnsk svrznho koue.

The Slavie Ball turned out to be much more villa villas: sparant fans liked it for a while. Pro? Because it is football, it's a dog, but it's a dog, but straight and without a side mind. Jablonec proves that the label of an unknown training that respects representation in the representation is not full.


Jabloneck trenr Petr Rada.

The press conference is peaceful and it does not choose to skip newspapers, often brutally tame. At the same time, Spartan would be under enormous pressure. He would have to swallow the fact that at Letna he couldn't give himself everything to say that many people would talk to him. In such an environment he would have worked. In addition, Miroslav Pelta's favorite apple will not be released. He had to take revenge.

Nkdo jin

The name Spart might feel is circulating. Talk about Martin Hae, koui Bohemie, Lubo Kozeli, represented by eighteen.


Lubo Kozel is chaired by eighteen representatives.

And then there are foreign variants. Spartan and a foreigner once slept with a foreigner, but as a trainer from Slovakia, who would not take the obstacles? Good name Adrin Gua, kou slovensk jedenadvactky. Or Martin Evela, his Slovan Bratislava season without league leagues.

Perhaps it is a bag to illuminate the name of the eska.

Trenra or Tkm.

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