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Premier Babi's son is Swiss national. It can last for several years

Andrei Babiš, latest TV report. One list of journalists says that he has a Swiss nationality. Becoming a fully fledged Switzerland is a long-distance journey. The so-called "naturalization" process lasts for years, and it's almost impossible for Babi to live in Switzerland the last time.

A full citizen of the Swiss Confederation may be a third-country national who, after ten years of life, has no other links with that third country. By January of this year, the deadline was even two years. The law also stipulates that at least some time should be taken in the country before the application for citizenship.

Bohemia Petr Bouška moved to Switzerland as a twelve year old. He applied for citizenship in 2016, and Switzerland granted him this June, after taking one and a half year's decision. "It's not easy, and Geneva is still quite favorable," says Bouk.

In addition, the state has cantons (regions), for example, Geneva, where Babys Jr live and municipalities (municipalities). The whole process, according to the statement by the Swiss National Migration Secretariat, takes about a year or two.

According to Buiis, the Swiss authorities, or one of Switzerland physically have a long time, do not control too much. "The basic rule is that you have to pay health insurance, this is considered self-evident, and then you must have a permanent place of residence and address," he adds. According to the Migration Board, the Migration Board, confirmation of the length of stay is sent from Geneva to the capital city of Berlin.

If Babi submitted his citizenship application in the recent past, he had to come to Switzerland at the latest when the authorities began to cooperate with him. Other validation conditions include examinations and personal interviews.

"I had to take a check on French, geography and local reality," says Bouk. "Then someone waits for an interview where the series of questions is evaluated, whether this is not contrary to the Swiss lifestyle, and after all the officials come to visit the house," adds the Czech and Swiss Boukas.

There are circumstances in which citizenship becomes easier. Soon after five years he can marry another Switzerland or Switzerland. This is also the case if a person under the age of 22 and whose parents are already citizens.

Younger children can ease the acquisition of citizenship at school in Switzerland as a child. Up to the age of 18, each place is numbered twice.

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