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Prague's bosses are the police viewfinder, Shehadeh is behind bars

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"The provocateurs accuse us of being terrorists, but about which to invade their privacy, did we invade you, or did you enter our mosques? You accuse us of terrorism and terrorism, and you are terrorizing us. If nothing happens, it will be the result of your provocation ", at the end of January, former Imams in Prague, Samers Shehaday, warned of a video that, with his brother and his wife, accused the police of supporting terrorism.

Although he was hiding before the law, MF DNES contacted and sent from Jordan, and the video was the last of his public speaking. He then stopped, abolished all the places he had previously been managing, and transferred his companies to lawyers in the Czech Republic. And his business in Prague is now interested in the police.

What is imam

  • An imam from the Arabic word can be translated as "a man in front" or "one who leads a prayer."
  • It is used as a religious name, the name of spiritual authority.
  • Imams become a man whom his companions consider to be the most educated, most well-known religious affairs.

He looks particularly around Alminbar, Ltd., where by the end of February he was executive director and co-owner. He then relocated his share as well as the other co-owner Ramazan Muzajev. Both the Prague lawyer Leonid Kushnarenko, also a believer, represents many of the Prague Muslim shops. "Mr Shehadeh officially stayed in the company. We wanted to rebuild it before, but we did not have time. I took the shares for free," said lawyer Kushnarenko on Friday.

Shehadeh, in accordance with the mandate available to MF DNES Chancellery, allowed him to work with the company as early as mid-last year. So before they disappeared abroad.

Kushnarenko now controls 67% of the company, while the rest is owned by Miroslav Krakovitch. This is the convert, who was elected deputy chairman of the Muslim community in 2014. "Almnb rented a prayer hall at Opletalova Street in Prague and provided them with a Muslim community," says one of the trusted police sources at MF DNES.

Police officers check the possible coverage of other fakes

In particular, the police will be interested in whether this trade through the gasket should not hide other cash flows. Muneeb Alrawi, President of the Muslim Communities of the Czech Republic, and Kushnarenko, also agreed to a lease agreement with the company, claiming that it was the only company linking the lease of a home through the Shehadeh company.

"At that time, this lease was his own initiative when he used his position. We did not agree with it and we wanted to rent it, that is, the official agreement between the host and the Muslim community, and this was the first cause of our contradictions," said MF DNES Alrawi .

Samers Shehadeh is a Palestinian parents' son

The foreign police found the former Imam of Prague. It will be transported to the Czech Republic

Pastor Samers Shehadeh finally left the Prague mosque four years ago. The leadership of the Muslim community has also criticized its controversial allegations, making it a bad newscard for all Muslims. But he has already gone to Slovakia, where he has been preaching in Bratislava since 2015 and worked here as the main priest. "He acted modestly, condemned terrorism and said that murder has nothing to do with faith," says one of the Muslims.

According to MF DNES, Shehadeh hid in front of the police, first in Mauritania, then in Jordan, where Czech detectives were traced and returned to the Czech Republic. "In Jordan Shehadeh has family ties and friends from his studies. At first he said that he had gone to Mauritania, but Jordan was more logical," says MF DNES source from the Muslim community.

Shehadeh was born in the Czech Republic to the Palestinians thirty-four years ago and spent most of his life in Prague. He studied Islamic law in Jordan and then at the University of Medina in Saudi Arabia. His brother Omar and his wife Fatima, a Czech-settled Christian, went to Syria in the neighboring country.

Imam's companions, brothers in the fight

All three of them expressed interest in the Czech secret services and accused them of supporting terrorism. Spirit Shehadeh, as this couple helped organize a trip to Syria, where his twenty-seven-year-old brother left in October 2016, and joined the terrorist organization Jebhat Fatah I-Sham in Idlib, transforming the Fearist's Forces Party in Syria – Conqueror Frontier – the original al-Qaeda sister organization.

"By training he successfully completed a series of weeks of training in weapons, bombs and fighting tactics, and was subsequently selected to train and train" brothers "to fight and commit terrorist attacks", police officers pay the MF DNES for crimes committed by the national headquarters.

His 24-year-old wife, Fatima, married Omar, married Sharia law. "She calls herself a mujahidin in Jihad, where Omar is actively providing a militant environment for cooking, washing and practicing the weapon together," adds police officers.

Shehadeh police officers have been monitored since August 2016, when they used the Whatsapp to warn Muslims not to engage in church services. "I pointed out to all Muslims and Muslims that such action is bordering on religious revenge, because Christian worship always contains the worst form of association, the so-called great wisdom. He who believes in God and the day of judgment will not participate in this event," he wrote literally.

Later, the police chose that Fatima helped deliver his brother Omar to Syria, and when she returned from Turkey to the Czech Republic, he ordered her bus ticket and suggested she cross the Turkish-Turkish border.

Shehadeh, a year before the police investigation began, also left the headquarters of Muslim communities in the Czech Republic and the Islamic Foundation in Prague. She even claimed that he had never officially become an Imam of Prague and has been erected in this role. "The Islamic Foundation in Prague, according to media coverage of Samer Shehadeh, says that he has never been a fund worker or employee," writes Muslims.

Sign for the Muslim community

Astronomer of the Eastern Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences Bronislav Ostřanský says that the detention of Shehadeh is a clear signal to the Muslim community that the Czech state does not allow expressions of extremism or radicalism. "Mr. Shehadeh represented a less delightful Islamic face, an interpretation that is not very compatible with our lifestyle. It was simply too big a hawk, on the other hand, the Muslim name that he was not even imam, I do not understand. There were several events where he participated and where he was placed as an imam and a Muslim representative, "commented MF DNES Ostřanský.

Shahadze is now being ordered by police from the National Center for Organized Crime. At the moment, they do not want to say anything about his detention and transportation to the Czech Republic, saying that the only one who can comment on this case is the Supreme Prosecutor's Office in Prague. But that's not too much a thing.

"At the moment, we can not publish additional information that three Czech citizens have been prosecuted for the involvement of terrorist groups, support and promotion of terrorism, and the financing of terrorism. As soon as circumstances permit, specific information will be available," said the main prosecutor's office. Marek Bodlák, Director of Economic and Financial Crime Unit.

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