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Online: Escudo 2: 3, after two wicked gills, Kol


Please, take Jakub Kov to catch a Lapa Pie. On the left, fight Linus Johansson this evening and be Jakub Nakdal.

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Esk hockey players in the Karjala Cup to highlight the season with a palm of a new train and a sweater. Vbr Miloe was defeated by two goals with one goal, and Peter Zmorsk and Jan Kool beat Peter Gruber. Watch online online.

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Of course, the 110th was Hockey League, President of the International Hockey Federation (IIHF) Ren Fasel, or the President of the Russian Ice Hockey League, Vladislav Treyak and Branksk's legend, Vladislav Treyak, at a special ceremony.

ESKO – United Kingdom, watch ONLINE

And against any other he would not be against the widow … With them perhaps, the Esos-Slovak representation was the most in history, explained the general secrets of eskho hockey Martin Urban.

Hvvbr has been prepared in Prague since Monday's meeting. In the Karjala tournament he will play with Jacob Kovu (aiming to make the Finnish) and Jacob Nakdalal.


Jakub Kov Nakldal (C), Kol (A), Brain,
Krejk, Zrmsk, Jordn, M. Douder, D. Musil Sek, Nestrail, D.
Kubal Kousal, Tomek, H. Zohorna epk (A), R. Hanzl, red
Vincour, Hork, Lenc-Zdrhal.

He tried to replace John Novotnho who was originally wearing the captain but was not injured in the game.

Boys have agreed on who will be the master, let's say after school year.

Widows are nominated for a Euro hockey training, nominated by those hockey players who won the gold medal at the World Championships in May. Tre Kronor has 11 new titles, of which 16 are at the top of the list (SHL).

They go after ns. They are arched and tough on the wheel, at full speed. We will have to leave behind the name of the club Vxj competitor Roman Hork.

Karjal tournament program in Prague and Helsinki

Thursday, November 8th:
17:30 Finland – Russia (Helsinki)
18:20 esko – vdsko (Prague – Tipsport Arena)

Saturday, November 10 (Helsinki):
12:00 Vdsk – Russia
16:30 esco – Finland

Sunday 11 November (Helsinki):
12:30 esco – Russia
16:30 Finland – Belgium

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